Friday, September 18, 2009

Ferry Porsche's 100th Birthday

The Management and Staff of Beverly Hills Porsche take a day to celebrate the 100th Birthday of Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche also know as Ferry Porsche.

The successful story of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, would be inconceivable without the lifetime achievement of Ferry Porsche. For it was under his guidance that the engineering office established by his father Ferdinand Porsche became an independent car manufacturer presenting the first sports car to bear the name Porsche in 1948 – Porsche Type 356.

“At the beginning I looked around, but I could not find the car I was dreaming of. So I decided to build it myself.” Building the first Porsche 356 and, later, the Porsche 911, Ferry Porsche consistently lived out his dream of “driving in its most beautiful form”.

With a precise feeling for each and every detail, he set the foundation for the Porsche. As the Managing Director and Chairman of the Supervisory Board he shaped the destiny of the Porsche Company for five long decades. In particular, it was his achievement as a visionary and an outstanding entrepreneur to make Porsche the world’s leading manufacturer of sports cars.

When Ferry Porsche passed away on 27 March 1998 – the same year the last air-cooled 911 left the production line – he left the world as one of the last great automobile men. His lifetime of achievement earned a him a position in the European Automotive Hall of Fame. “If you manage to create something that withstands time,” he once said, referring to the design of the company’s sports cars, “something that remains untouched by the eccentricities of a particular age – something timeless, in other words – that is the greatest achievement.”

On 19 September 2009 Ferry Porsche would be celebrating his 100th birthday. Among other notable activities, the Porsche Museum will be releasing a new book, Ferry Porsche 100 Years to mark the occasion.

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