Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rating Beverly Hills Porsche, Reviews Are Important to Us

As online review sites like Yelp, City Search and Repair Pal become more and more popular, car dealers find it increasingly necessary to monitor these sites.

There is an old adage that goes something like this; “A happy customer tells one friend about their experience, an unhappy customer tells ten.” Thanks to the web, today we can safely say the unhappy customer will tell everyone.

It’s for that reason Beverly Hills Porsche’s management team reads every review that surfaces. Each review is printed out and read aloud to department employees during regular staff meetings. Every employee that has contact with a Beverly Hills Porsche customer will get to hear in the customers’ own words what they think of our dealership.

Negative reviews are not taken lightly. Every review is a snapshot of how a customer is feeling about the level of service we provided. Sometimes the encounter was brief, a simple word or expression set them off. In every case we do our best to look at every possible way the incident could have been prevented and then set out to find a way to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

When we receive a positive review we also look closely at what the customer says about our actions. It always helps to know what you are doing wrong but you also can learn a lot when someone tells you what you are doing right.

Happily for the customers of Beverly Hills Porsche, our staff focuses on getting it right the first time and we almost always come through. Sometimes we fall short of customers expatiations. It’s for that reason we reach out and ask for your help. Let us know how you feel. Give us a chance to work it out with you. Let us have the opportunity to keep you as our valued and satisfied customer.

If you have comments about Beverly Hills Porsche’s sales department please call Rick Nanas our General Sales Manager at 310-481-2266.

For any concerns regarding our service department please call Trevor Williams our Service Manager at 310-481-2302.

Beverly Hills Porsche is committed to stellar customer service and we believe that is why we have become the largest volume Porsche dealer in Los Angeles. We look forward to seeing you in our showrooms and service drives.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and trust.

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Beverly Hills Porsche is an authorized factory dealership of Porsche cars, SUVs, accessories, parts and merchandise. Centrally located to all of Los Angeles, we aim to be a complete lifestyle destination for all Porsche owners and fans!
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  1. Until now, I had a very bad opinion of BH Porsche. Several very bad Service Department experiences at this dealership for my previous Porsche was the source of this opinion. This was true until I drove to BH Porsche to simply test drive a 2013 model. I had no intention of buying form this dealership. After a few hours with Amir and Mike, I bought a new 2013 Porsche. I was very happy with the entire transaction including trade-in value and the purchase price of my new Porsche. Both Amir and Mike delivered a great experience. I would definitely recommend this dealership's sale department. Now I wonder if I should give their Service Department another chance.