Thursday, September 10, 2009

Beverly Hills Porsche #1 In the USA!

Beverly Hills Porsche Number One in Sales for August 2009

It’s only been a couple of months since Rick Nanas took over the reigns as General Sales Manager at Beverly Hills Porsche and already they’ve grabbed the sales volume title. Beverly Hills sold more new cars for the month of August than any other Porsche dealer in the country. Rick has challenged his staff to do it again in September.
Rick’s take on the sudden spike in sales, “There’s been a lot of pent up buyer frustration over the last few months and we finally found the pressure release valve.” When economy blues meet endless days of sunshine in one of America’s most recognized shopping destinations something’s gotta give. Rick continues, “People still come to Beverly Hills with shopping and buying on the brain. We’ve just enlightened them to the fact that driving a new Porsche can be one of the best forms of ‘retail therapy’. For some of our clients it’s not really a financial decision, it’s more of state of mind. They somehow think they need to participate in the lagging economy by cutting back and denying themselves. We help them get over that during the test drive.”
Thanks to the Cash for Clunkers program, the automotive industry’s entry and mid priced car lines have seen a bit of relief. But the real question is what’s in store for the high line market? A new Porsche client said he was finally ready to take the plunge when he started to notice new cars appearing in the employee parking lot of his Downtown Los Angeles business. Will that be enough for others in the high end market to justify showing up to the office in a new car too? Who’s to say but one thing is apparent, ten plus years of reward based spending habits just don’t change over night. The successful still want to reward them selves for a job well done and there are plenty of great deals out there.
As far as Beverly Hills Porsche’s participation in the grand scheme of economic recovery Rick says, “We’ve opted out of the recession and will continue to do business as usual.”
To experience the Porsche Difference visit Beverly Hills Porsche at 8425 Wilshire Blvd.

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