Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Porsche Designs a New Way to the Top of the Mountain

I know you were expecting a post about the new Porsche 911 all wheel drive "4" variants now available at Beverly Hills Porsche but SURPRISE instead we want to show you the Porsche Design ski lift just introduced in the Swiss ski destination of Laax.

Porsche Ski Lift in Films Dorf  Switzerland
 The Porsche lift seats six people in comfortable contoured heated chairs. Each set of six chairs is capable of rotating up to 45 degrees so you can take in the surrounding mountain views instead of staring into the backs of the chair in front of you.

Rotating Ski Lift by Porsche
 The system is also solar powered making it the first of its kind.  And what about speed? After all it is a Porsche. The lift ascends the mountain with a top speed of 18 feet per second.

Laxx new Porsche Ski Lift.

The Porsche ski lift has been reviewed by luxury holiday provider Powder Byrne here: Powder Byrne Blog

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