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Porsche Turbocharges Twitter Fan and Customer Engagement

Beverly Hills Porsche @BevHillsPorsche has been rocking the Twittersphere for the last three years in the local Los Angeles market and now Porsche @Porsche is turbocharging the efforts worldwide via promoted tweets with fantastic engagement results! We love our customers and fans and will continue to build our community on Twitter. Check out this case study published by @Twitter this week.

Porsche drives over 85% engagement with Promoted Products

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The Challenge

Originally introduced in 1963, the Porsche 911 sports car has a long, distinctive heritage and a devoted following of enthusiasts. To unveil the 2012 model, Porsche wanted to evoke that rich history and build excitement among loyal fans. Porsche viewed the launch of the seventh generation of the 911 sports car as a special opportunity to connect with car lovers in a way only their brand could.
“With this campaign, we wanted to highlight the iconic lineage of the brand,” says Joshua Cherfoli, Online and Relationship Marketing Manager at Porsche Cars North America. “We needed to create an interactive content experience that would resonate with audiences that are passionate about sports cars and about Porsche. The creative had to be something people would want to talk about and want to share because it felt personally meaningful.”

The Solution

As part of a deeply integrated TV, magazine, online display, search and social marketing campaign, Porsche ran a Promoted Trend campaign in the U.S. to launch the 2012 Porsche 911. To maximize the online buzz that was building about the big unveiling, the brand also used Promoted Tweets to seed the #2012Porsche911 hashtag in the days leading up to the Promoted Trend. These Promoted Tweets contained rich media (photos and videos) that highlighted the history of the 911 sports car. The brand included links to teaser videos that would be featured prominently and in greater depth during the day of the Promoted Trend.
For the 24 hours of the Promoted Trend, the brand steered the conversation to evocative content focused on the unique and devoted community of sports car enthusiasts. The text of the Promoted Tweets was simple but powerful: “Our identity, our promise: Forever the sports car.” The words pinpointed a tradition of incomparable passion, quality and design, enticing the user to click-through and experience the latest model. Porsche linked to dynamic video footage that captured proud owners of all seven generations of the Porsche 911 coming together to celebrate and race their cars.
“With the Promoted Trend and Promoted Tweets, we were able to drive consumers to amazing videos that showcase the spirit of the owner and fan base of the 911 in very unique ways,” says Mary Beugelsdijk, Omnicom Media Group, the media agency for Porsche Cars North America. “On Twitter, Porsche used video content assets in a way that felt special and compelling, making people more likely to share and interact with the content.”

The Results

The success of the #2012Porsche911 exceeded all expectations for the brand. In fact, Porsche set a new engagement record on Twitter at the time of the campaign: eight out of ten people who saw this Promoted Trend engaged with the associated hashtag. Porsche also drove an 87% engagement rate for a Promoted Tweet associated with a Promoted Trend—another engagement record. Twitter was also the top referral website for three out of the four videos Porsche featured in the campaign.
“A Promoted Trend is so impactful because consumers recognize something special is happening that’s buzz-worthy and that they want to be a part of,” says Beugelsdijk. “Twitter lets you speak to consumers throughout the day, amplify the real-time conversation around your brand and literally watch your message resonate as it gets shared.”
The record-breaking engagement rates of Porsche’s ad campaigns on Twitter reflect the loyalty and passion of Porsche fans as well as how compelling they found the Promoted Tweets spotlighting Porsche’s unique brand legacy. The campaign also helped Porsche reach a new audience. On the day of the Promoted Trend, @ gained 1,743 new followers—a 594% increase in follows compared to the daily average of the seven previous days.
The Porsche Promoted Trend also surpassed two category benchmarks. On the day of the Promoted Trend, Porsche saw an increase in positive brand sentiment over the prior week that was 300% above the category norm. Porsche also saw a significant increase in Tweets explicitly expressing the desire to purchase the Porsche 911.

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