Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fanatec Gameshop Presents the Porsche Experience for PC, X-Box and Playstation

Los Angeles has plenty of sunshine throughout the year, with an average of only 35 days with measurable precipitation annually. So what's a Porsche fan to do on those rainy days? How about tear around a track in a GT3 RS? Now imagine doing it from your living or game room. There's no need to leave the city of Beverly Hills to experience the thrill of driving a German supercar around the Nürburgring.

RennSport Cockpit by Fanatec Endor AG
Fanatec the advanced German gameware company offers a variety of Porsche AG licensed Porsche game gear for PC, X-Box and Playstation. 

My personal fascination right now is the Fanatec GT3 RS wheel and Clubsport pedals all attached to the RennSport Cockpit. Of course you'll want to spring for the latest Sony Playstation console, three HD flat screens with appropriate monitor stand, surround sound speakers and some sound proofing for the rest of the house. The whole set-up comes in slightly less money and barely takes up less space than driving your GT3 RS into the living room.

Porsche GT3 RS Sport Wheel and ClubSport Pedals by Fanatec
Fanatec Porsche RennSport Cockpit

For those other 330 days of sunshine stop by Beverly Hills Porsche and view our collection of road ready super cars and track cars.  We have the largest allocation of GT Porsche cars in the USA.

Beverly Hills Porsche is an authorized factory dealership of Porsche cars, SUVs, accessories, parts and merchandise. Centrally located to all of Los Angeles, we aim to be a complete lifestyle destination for all Porsche owners, gamers and fans! 

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