Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Family Reunion, Porsche Style

Kim Flint Sr. and Jr. With Their 1969 Porsche 912

Working daily in one of the busiest Porsche dealerships in the country I hear some great and sometime outlandish stories about owning one of the world’s most fascinating motorcars. Once in a rare while one of these stories comes around that must be shared with the Porsche family.

While searching the internet for historic photos of some of my favorite Porsche cars I found this collection of images of a pristine 1969 912 Targa. The photos were arranged in a slide show with a beautifully written story of love and dedication for this particular automobile.

During the release of the all new Panamera Grand Turismo, Porsche launched an advertising campaign entitled “Family Tree”. Porsche encouraged owners to share their ownership stories with the Porsche Family. I have yet to see an example as wonderful as this story of Kim Flint and his 30th year reunion with his first Porsche love.

In 1969 Kim Flint Sr. purchased his dream car, a burgundy 912 Targa. The story continues as told by his first born, Kim Flint, Jr.

"In 1969 my father, Kim Flint Sr., bought a brand-new burgandy Porsche 912 Targa. It was a beautiful car. He and my mom enjoyed cruising about the Bay Area in it. In November of 1969, I was born. My parents drove me home from the hospital in that Porsche. While I was an infant, my parents used to strap my baby seat into the rear bucket seats of the Porsche and take me for drives.

In 1971, my mom was pregnant with my brother Kevin. My parents decided they needed a more practical car for my mom and her growing family, and so my dad sold his Porsche so that he could buy her a green Datsun station wagon. This of course, was a very traumatic event for my parents! (especially dad...) Throughout my life I have heard stories about that car.

My dad sold the Porsche to a man named Spencer Aust, who apparently had a passion for sports cars. My dad didn't know him, he was just the fellow who bought the car. In negotiating the price, my dad took off $100 in exchange for a clause in the seller's contract. If Spencer ever sold that car, my dad would get the first opportunity to buy it. I think that made my dad feel better about it all.

30 years later, Spencer Aust called my Dad."

The rest of this story is played out magnificently in photos and captions here on Kim Flint Jr's web site. ENTER: WWW.KIMFLINT.ORG

It's stories like Kim Flint's that keep me interested in selling Porsche cars. For me it's not about selling a product but more about extending our family tree. One of my mentors Zig Ziglar gave us a wonderful quote, "You can get all you want in life if you help enough people get what they want." For many people a new Porsche is more than just an expensive status symbol, it is instead a personal reward, it is the realization of a dream and an achievement of a lifetime goal. I'm honored to be in a position to help people realize their dream of owning a Porsche.

Many thanks to Kim Flint Jr. and Sr. for sharing their story with us.

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