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PorscheHeritage.com Profiles & Interviews One of Our Own

Pictured (center) Jay Huffschmidt of Beverly Hills Porsche

By PorscheHeritage.com Profiles & Interviews

Imagine waking up every morning, heading off to work and being greeted by the latest and newest of what Porsche has to offer! That’s what Jay Huffschmidt of Beverly Hills Porsche faces everyday! –Hang around the Porsche GT3 and take Brad Pitt around in it (that really didnt happen, or did it..?) Porsche and Hollywood Glam! Thats a great combo! Jay of Beverly Hills Porsche takes a moment to sit down and tell us about his Porsche Heritage!

PH: The press reception in the past 6 months over the Porsche Panamera, can only be best described as “MIXED”! Many complained about the front engine lay out, but mostly about the rear-end design. What has been the reception and feedback you have received?

JH: The Panamera is definitely getting a lot of attention right now. Mostly form sedan owners of competing makes. We’ve had more than our share of Bentley GT, S Class and 750iL customers but the Masarati QP owners seem to be the most receptive to the car. I like to compare the Maserati to an exotic Super Model, she’s beautiful, sounds and feels amazing but some days she just doesn’t want to get out of bed and she’ll take you for every last dollar in your wallet. However at the end of the day she makes you feel like a million dollars.

Now the Panamera is the Heidi Klum of Super Cars. Heidi is arguably one of the most beautiful, talented, versatile, hardest working models on the planet. She works on several TV programs, appears on the most prestigious runways, she’s delivered four children and still has a ripping hot figure. She is the epitome of German reliability with international appeal. Just like Heidi, the Panamera will make you feel like she’s worth the million dollars and deliver uncompromised performances over and over again. Plus it doesn’t hurt that she can “Auf” just about any other sedan on the road.

PH: How long have you been working at “Beverly Hills Porsche”?

JH: I joined Beverly Hills Porsche in August 2009 after leaving a Porsche, Audi, Ferrari and Maserati dealer.
PH: How did you get into it?

JH: Many of my friends have moved over to Beverly Hills Porsche during the last few years.

PH: Please tell us a little bit about a unique job as working with Porsches and Working in Beverly Hills? Lots of Celebs? (Everyone is

JH: Beverly Hills has always been known as the playground of the rich and famous. It widely considered to be one of the most famous shopping destinations in the world. Yes, we get plenty of celebrities but we also get lots of business leaders and old money types. We have a policy of not
disclosing who are customers are but if you watch enough tabloid TV you’ll see plenty of our Beverly Hills Porsche plate frames. In fact last night on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing we got loads of screen time as one of the stars drove his black 911 Tagra around to client meetings. Truthfully I stopped being star struck years ago although a certain female talk show host and her girlfriend sure brought the showroom to a halt when they dropped in to pick out their new C4S.

PH: Whats your Daily Driver?

JH: I just turned in my leased Audi A4 2.0T and pulled my 2000 SLK 32 AMG out of storage.

PH: When was the first time you saw a Porsche or experienced?

JH: In high school I started a car detailing service with one important feature; I only took on clients that required pick up and delivery of their
vehicle. Ingenious! I found a way to drive all of my fantasy cars for free. All I had to do was take them home, wash and wax them to showroom perfection and take them back a few hours later. To top it off, I got paid.

Arguably the hottest girl in my hometown was Tasha H. and she drove a 911 SC Targa! Every week I’d drive to the beauty salon she worked at to pick up her car. Several hours later that red over black Targa would shine like it had just rolled off the line in Stuttgart. Soon every client of her salon knew my name and admired my work. Thankfully Tasha’s clients had money and the drove hot cars. When her boyfriend bought a ‘85 911 Turbo with a massive “whale tail” I though I’d died and gone to teenage heaven.

PH: What was your first Porsche?

JH: Many years later I bought a red over tan 1985 911 SC Targa similar to

PH: How many Porsches have you owned?
JH: Just the one.
PH: Why did you get rid of it?

JH: Sadly I had to give up the 911 when I moved away to take a job with Cadillac.

PH: What would be your next Porsche?

JH: I have my sights set on a Cayman S. We have a 2008 Cayman S Sport in GT3 green on the showroom floor that I’m almost talked into but really want a PDK

PH: What are your favorite bookmarks and links?

JH: Porscheheritage.com of course.

PH: Do you work on your Porsche? To what extent? Change Oil?
JH: I never work on my own car outside of detailing. I’m really good at making friends with qualified mechanics but I can’t stand anyone else messing with the paint and leather.
PH: What is your most fondest/vivid memory of your Porsche? Was it a road trip?

JH: I always enjoyed how owners of other makes thought it was necessary to try and race me or grab my attention at lights, revving engines or giving the nod. Everybody seemed they have something to prove, except me. It gave me a strange sense of satisfaction letting them burn out while I took my time climbing the gears. The greatest thrill for me was when it was just me, “Red” and a twisty back road.

PH: Do you belong to a club? Do you guys have weekly coffee meetups?

JH: Right now I go to several meet-ups. Sometimes I take the new models, sometimes I take a trade in. Most of the events I go to I’m repping the company so I have to be on my best behavior. I try and make the Festival of Speed every year in Fontana.

PH: Would you like to give a shout out to anyone? Guys that helped
you out, etc..? (Show them some ‘love’ and appreciation)

JH: I just want to thank all of my customers that have stayed loyal. I’ve always tried to keep my customers close and not refer to them as clients but as friends. I have a habit of introducing them to each other by saying, “Hey this is my friend …. He has a GT3 like yours.”

PH: What is your dream Porsche? Something that you’ll never let go, my dream Porsche is the 904/GTS.

JH: My given name is Jerome just like Jerome “Jerry” Seinfeld. My dream is to someday have a collection that would rival his. I know it’s only a dream but this is Beverly Hills where dreams can and often do come true. God that sounds cheesy but that’s my dream.

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